Day 08


Day: 08
Date: 13 Mar 2019 11:12PM MST
Location: Trail Angel's home in Tucson, AZ
Today's Miles: 0
Total Miles: 112.6

Zero day!

Spent the day doing things other than walking, primarily chores and errands for the trail angel who's hosting me but a few for myself as well. Did laundry, walked to the grocery store, and cleaned up around her place to provide a better welcome for the seven hikers who are arriving tomorrow.

The trail angel is working on converting a large outbuilding on her property into a hiker den, and already has power and water installed - the place really just needs some finishing touches that couldn't be done before the herd shows up, so we did what we could to make it habitable.

Otherwise I did what hikers do on days off: chores, chores, chores, eat, eat, eat.

A different trail angel offered to drive me back to the trail tomorrow morning, so after a hearty breakfast (and a quick stop at a McDonald's or similar!), I'll be back out on trail.

Approximately four days of walking to the next town, looking forward to getting back out there.

Trail legs here I come!