Day 21


Day: 21
Date: 26 Mar 2019 8:27PM MST
Location: Camping near mile 312.8
Today's Miles: 12.3
Total Miles: 312.8

Another night in a bed, no complaints there. I love how it gets chilly at night in the desert, slept with the window open for that cool dry air.

Woke up and packed, drank a couple of cups of coffee. Grabbed all my foodstuffs from the fridge and freezer, made a few last minute phone calls, and off we went.

Drove the hour to the trail, stopped in at the same cafe I ate at when I was picked up two days ago in the town of Superior. Got there a few minutes before they opened so me and the friend chatted on a bench before heading in.

Ate a massive lunch and talked for quite some time. Went for a short walk to digest our good before cruising on back to the trailhead. Said our goodbyes, it was really great to see an old friend.

Starting in the middle of the day couldn't be helped, but man do I miss the colder climate of Maine. Definitely makes you appreciate things more.

Hiked for a good six hours today, about half a day of walking. Over that six hours I saw five rattle snakes, and if I never see another rattler I'd be a happy man.

Funnily enough I was chatting with a buddy back in Maine before heading back out today and we briefly touched on snakes. We came to the conclusion that snakes are assholes, and that they all know it.

Ended the day right near a babbling brook based on a comment from a hiker a few years back mentioning a nice unofficial tent site. It was getting dark, but luckily the site is still viable, and a pretty nice one at that.

Big climb first thing tomorrow, should be fun.


Replacement trekking pole wrist strap!