Day 3


Date: 111812Mar15

Location: Gooch Mountain Shelter

Total Miles: 15.8

Today's Miles: 7.7

Another rainy day, with intermittent fog throughout. Temperature was cool, good hiking weather, but if you stopped then it was much too cold to be standing around all sweaty and wet.

Found some IT band stretches online, they helped for today. Working with a mild case of left-side-only shins splints for this evening.

Feet are holding up, a bit red/hot in the backs because of wet boots, but otherwise OK.

The Moz is doing well! He is starting to get a bit tired by the end of the day, and isn't eating as much as I had planned, but otherwise so far, so good.

dog lovers, do not fret! at any signs of strain on the service mut I'll pull him from the trail immediately