Day 6


Date: 141826Mar15

Location: Neels Gap

Total Miles: 37.1

Today's Miles: 0

Spent the night last night in Gainesville, GA at the Holiday Inn, then our zero day today at the Blood Mountain Cabins (trail magic!). 

Ate, napped, ate, ate, napped, ate. 

Also, got a good deal on a display model hiking pole, sold to me by the infamous Baltimore Jack.  

My original hiking pole was a hand-me-down from the old man who we purchased our home from. A solid companion that took care of me well, it just wasn't suited for the rigors of long-distance hiking we're encountering (started breaking apart hard).

The trail feels good. Other than the occasional flashback and constantly looking for my rifle, I can already see the potential healing that could take place for my mind, body, and soul while out here on for an extended pe

riod of time.