Day 7


Date: 151747Mar15

Location: Low Gap Shelter

Total Miles: 43.2

Today's Miles: 11.5

Pretty long day today, longest hiking miles at least. Started off with a wonderful trail magic breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and oatmeal, then we were driven up to the trail head to start off our day at Neels Gap where we left off. 


Passed through the only point on the trail where the trail goes *through* a building. 

Met some wonderful older women from Indiana who were conducting trail magic at the Hogpen Gap - got myself a half an orange and two sausage biscuit sandwiches.  

Finished off my day with a dinner of tuna and potatoes, not as bad as it sounds. 

Now, I'm sipping coffee by the stream where I've laid my gear for the night. 


I guess I'm starting to get pretty hungry as this entire post revolved around food.