Coffee for Jeden

Fired up the old Jetboil Flash stove that I bought for use in the service today. Wanted to see how this Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee and powdered heavy cream would all come together.

In the end, it tasted as you would expect, like instant coffee and powdered cream (just a bit better because of the cream) - and as you would also expect from me, I'm really just looking for a hot beverage with some caffeine in it to sip on a cold day out on the trail.

I've also made another purchase this week, a new-to-me sleeping bag. The bag is a Mountain Hardware Phantom 32. Yea, it's a women's bag, but I got it for a good deal (used off the WhiteBlaze forums). Was going to go for a ZPacks bag, even ordered and paid for one, but since they're made to order it doesn't work with my abbreviated timeline for leaving. By switching out my 10-year old bag with a newer, down bag, it will take 3 lbs. off my base weight - a blessing indeed.

(still didn't get out of their online store without ordering a pair of their cuben fiber belt pouches, though)