Day 19

One of the many forms of trail magic.  

One of the many forms of trail magic.  

Date: 271924Mar15

Location: Cherokee, NC

Total Miles: 137.3

Today's Miles: 0

Rented a car and zero'd the day away driving up to Knoxville, TN to retiree myself. Had to turn in my active duty ID card in exchange for a blue retiree card. Didn't think it would be necessary until we found out that we wouldn't be able to sign up for retiree health insurance (TRICARE) until I did that. 

Whoops. All taken care of now. 

Otherwise I mow'd down on McDonalds, listened to podcasts, did some laundry and visited the grocery store today. Typical townie behavior. 


Weather is supposed to be beautiful the next few days - check it out: