Day 20


Date: 282058Mar15

Location: Stecoah Gap

Total Miles: 150.7

Today's Miles: 13.4

SNOW! (and cold weather to boot)

Day was spent trudging through snow and dealing with blustery, 20 degree temperatures with wind. Not ideal hiking weather but at least it kept the number of people on the trail down.

Even so, we managed to get in respectable miles, with a solid eight miles of uphill climbing and three-thousand feet of elevation change to start our day. It was a juggling act of putting on and taking off gloves and hats, and the zipoing and unzipping of jackets all day long.

I'm not really sure if the trail is helping. Once or twice on the trip for the briefest flash of a moment I've felt like my 'Old Self', but otherwise it feels like yet another distraction. Something to try and take the edge off, getting by.

Perhaps my expectations were too high, or perhaps I'm not mentally ready to handle the social anxieties I'm experiencing on the trail... but even so, I have no better answers then I did before starting.

I'm sure if I leave the trail early I'll get plenty of 'atta boys' and 'look how far you got!'s - and while they'll be correct in spirit, the gestures will still feel hollow, and empty.