Six Days

Wife and I went shopping for foodstuffs at the commissary and a natural food store in town. Ended up taking away a pretty good haul.

Felt a little hesitant about this whole 6-month adventure today, as if my life is all about the planning and not about the execution anymore. Could be last-minute jitters, could just be my personality now.

My heart's all in, as much heart as I have left, but I doubt myself in practically everything that I do nowadays. This is one of the primary reasons that I need to continue on with this. My mind plays tricks on me, tells me that I'm unloved, unsupported, unworthy.

Spent the rest of the evening packing mail drop boxes. Today I Learned exactly how much space dog food takes up (an incredible amount, and is heavy to boot), and I am beginning to learn just how interesting of a trip I'm going to have carrying Mozzie's food, in addition to the rest of the items on my gear list.

I can't begin to explain what an incredible blessing it has been to have met with my hiking partner. The support from her and her husband has been incredible, and I believe that the continued logistical support he is going to provide of delivering packages for us along the trail is going to prove monumental in our success.

6 days.