Day 24

Date: 221836May15

Location: Mt. Algo Shelter

Total Miles: 177.3

Today's Miles: 12.4



Woke up to a caucacophny of birds this morning. It was wonderful.  First time a 0500 wake up didn't send me over the edge. 


Spent our first day back on the trail hiking a bit further than we probably should have, but that was intentional, if only due to the layout of available camping/shelters. 

Met my first rattle snake atop the Schaghticoke Mountain (41.681969, -73.523895). Bumped into two hikers on the other side of it, they were not impressed but happy I let them know about it. 


The days are much longer then when I was hiking earlier in the year. Sun is up much earlier, and there is plenty of time upon arriving at camp to take care of business. 

Feet are sore and my legs are shaking. Bugs abound and the food sucks. I left my trekking pole at home. 

But you know what?

It's STILL good to be back.