Day 27

Date: 251506May15

Location: Bearded Woods Bunk-and-Dine

Total Miles: 202.8

Today's Miles: 8.2

Today's alarm clock was the buzzing of mosquitos. Luckily just before that the sun woke me. It was earlier then I would have wanted to have gotten up, but an appropriate time nonetheless. 

Short day into Falls Village, CT today. Planned Nero-ish day to get a few good meals in me, a nice bed and a shower before re supplying tomorrow and heading back out on the trail. 


Blisters getting bigger. Still dealing by applying moleskin and Leukotape. We'll see how long that lasts before I break down and buy a new pair of shoes that properly fits.


At the hostel now relaxing, post-shower with some iced coffee. Life is alright. 


(and as previously promised, our Monday week in review, in steps):