Day 30

Date: 291633May15

Location: Great Barrington, MA

Total Miles: 229.8

Today's Miles: 6.2


Rained last night, which made coming down off the mountain a bit of a pain. There was a lot of slick rock and tree root to deal with, slowing things down considerably.


Water was still hard to come by, but with today's journey being shorter than the day prior, and most of the terrain being level or downhill, it made that a bit easier to bear. It was pretty cool though hiking down the mountain though, being above the clouds, and being able to pinpoint the exact moment you entered the clouds. Sort of the same feeling you get watching a fog roll in late at night. 

The trail then took us through an incredibly awful swamp for over 2.5 miles, with mosquitoes that swarmed by the 100's. Luckily I had on my longsleeve shirt from the morning still, and I found a head bug net a few days ago that I threw on, but even then the bugs were biting me through the shirt and netting making those the absolute worst miles on the trail so far.

Got picked up at the end of our trek by the wife, and we drove back to Maine. There's an opportunity coming up that I needed to be back in Maine for, that might make for it's own little journey/blog of its own - but don't worry, if said opportunity doesn't work out, expect to find me back on the trail shortly.