Day 02

Day: 02
Date: 011544Jul15
Location: Wadleigh Stream Lean-To
Total Miles: 22.8
Today's Miles: 8.1 

Shorter day today, only eight miles to our destination. Trail dried up a bit, for a few miles at least (still a bit too rooty and rocky for my taste though).

Arrived at the shelter and met a nice SOBO hiker on his 4th day in. Good kid, seems to have everything down pat (gear, mindset, preparations, etc.)

While we were settling in for the night in the shelter low and behold three teenage girls and their father show up and crashed the shelter.

Interesting group of people - Canadians at that. All of them hung (hammocked), they had an odd assortment of gear (pots and pans, with some ultralight gear thrown in), and were hiking from Monson to Abol. They had an odd little dog with them as well.

Other then being noisy and completely taking over the shelter until they went to sleep, and once again in the morning, they were polite enough.

On a disappointing note, Mozzie got hurt today. Right near the end of our planned hiking for the day. Jammed his left shoulder coming down off some rocks and it is causing him to limp around pretty badly.

Going to have to take a bit of extra time to rest tonight and tomorrow morning. He'll hike slick tomorrow if he's able (I'll carry his pack) and we'll definitely have to modify our plans for tomorrow if he can't hike as far.