Day 03

Day: 03
Date: 021749Jul15
Location: Nahmakanta Stream Road
Total Miles: 25.6
Today's Miles: 2.6

Mozzie was able to walk today with a minor limp. Decided to pull us off the trail as to not further aggravate his injury. We walked the 2.6 from our shelter to the dirt road at the southeast end of Lake Nahmakanta where we met a family who was just pulling in to camp for the long 4th of July weekend. After helping them unload their boat and truck, the father drove me and Mozzie the 26 miles to the Jo-Mary checkpoint near Rt. 11, where I was able get cell phone reception and call the nice folks at the AT Lodge in Milinocket, ME for a shuttle.

When Mozzie got hurt, I felt helpless. No cell phone reception, in the middle of the woods with many miles to travel for help, him being too heavy to carry... I wasn't sure how I was going to solve this. The only thing I could do was pray.

All I can say is that, by the grace of God, everything worked out. I happened upon an incredibly friendly family pulling up the the exact spot just as I was walking in who was sympathetic to my cause, and when I reached the Jo-Mary checkpoint the AT Lodge just happened to already have someone on their way out to that portion of the wilderness to drop off food drops (one of which was mine, which I was able to intercept) who was able to then shuttle me the 60 miles back to my front door.

This isn't to say that we didn't have a plan, it just didn't include Mozzie getting hurt. He has hundreds of trail miles under his paws and is extremely agile out on the trail. Needless to say, sometimes, things just happen.