Appalachian Trail Thru Hike (2016)


costs by percentage

Gear (both prior to, and on trail): $2,563 (≈ 40%)

Groceries: $1,393 (≈ 22%)

Eating Out: $1,361 (≈ 22%)

Lodging: $578 (≈ 9%)

Travel (pre and post hike): $320 (≈ 5%)

Misc. Expenses (Shuttles/Postage/Permits/Medical/Haircuts/Fuel): $139 (≈ 2%)

Total Spent: $6,356

Cost per Mile: $2.90


Hiking Mileage

Daily Average per month

Zero Days Taken: 11

Average Miles per Day: 14.1

Highest Mileage Day: 26.3 

Days Over 20 Miles: 26

Days Over 25 Miles: 2

Total Days on Trail: 155


Journal Archive

Day 150

Date: 02 Aug 2016 0835PM

Location: West Branch Ponds Road

Today's Miles: 14.5

Total Miles: 2119.3


Another late start today. Everyone was up and moving around by 0630, but it was a lazy morning where we didn't get back on trail until 0900.


Had another supposed ford first thing in the morning, but we were able to rock hop across without too much difficulty. Two people got wet feet, but overall we made it work.


Shortly after starting our day we took a short side trip to Screw Augur Falls. It was a beautiful spot with an outstanding little swimming hole at the bottom of the falls. Took a little climbing to get down there but it was worth it to swim around in to frigid waters.


Spent the rest of the day slowly climbing the last real mountain on the AT through Maine. The rest of the hiking until Katahdin is minimal in elevation, and we're looking forward to this.