Departure Imminent

Tomorrow I'll be hopping on an airplane leaving Bangor, ME for Atlanta, Ga. I've just returned from the grocery store where I purchased my first four days of food for the trail.

I'll be carrying my backpack on the plane, with very little in it, the rest of my supplies packed in an old military-issue sea bag that I had lying around. When I arrive in Atlanta I'll repack my hiking pack and ditch the sea bag in the garbage somewhere.

I'll be staying at the Hiker Hostel tomorrow night in Dahlonega, GA, whereupon the next day the hostel will drive us to the Springer Mountain trailhead to begin our journey.

This is my second attempt at a thru hike, with last year being just too crazy to stay on the trail. I was just getting out of the military at the time, and my mind just wasn't in the right place to be out there. But after a year of sitting at home seeing what the world has to offer, I'm expecting a much better experience this time around.