Day 01

Date: 01 Mar 2016 0434PM

Location: Hawk Mountain Shelter

Today's Miles: 8.1

Total Miles: 8.1

First day back on the trail!

Left the Hiker Hostel after a hearty breakfast, and after dropping a few hikers off along the way we arrived at the parking lot at the base of Springer Mountain.

To hike up Springer to the official start we had to actually go 'backwards' (the parking lot is at mile one), but for the ease of reporting I'll just stick to reporting what mile I'm at along the trail.

Took it slow today, making sure to consciously walk at a comfortable pace and not push myself whatsoever. I'm worried about overuse injuries, and want to make sure I take every precaution to ensure this doesn't happen.

Arrived at the shelter after the threat of rain all day, luckily not getting rained on at all. I suspect we won't be as lucky tomorrow, but tomorrow is tomorrow.

Been having little flashbacks from my last trip out here. It's actually quite comforting to have direct knowledge of the trail ahead.