Day 02

Date: 02 Mar 2016 0259PM

Location: Gooch Gap Shelter

Today's Miles: 7.7

Total Miles: 15.8


Spent last night in an awful thunderstorm, which turned freezing around 2am. A pretty fitful night of sleep, but for the most part I was dry. Found out that the tarp that I sleep under is extremely noisy in the rain and the wind, so ear plugs were required to get any sleep.


Weather was below freezing for most of the morning, but around noon it started warming up enough to take off my gloves and rain shell. Still had to wear a long sleeve shirt and a beanie, but the sun was welcome.


Arrived at the shelter early, but I'm sticking to my plan of hiking 8-10 mile days. Don't want to get injured trying to do big miles too soon.


Being out here is hard for me. I'm a nervous wreck being away from home, being away from my support. Every day out here is a win for me.