Day 03

Date: 03 Mar 2016 0103PM

Location: Woody Gap - Wolf Pen Hostel

Today's Miles: 5.3

Total Miles: 21.1


Short day today, stopped at Woody Gap to head in to Suches to avoid the incoming inclement weather. Plenty of trail magic today, met an older gentleman at Gooch Gap who had soda and donuts (named Pirate), and then a bus full of people making soup and tea at Woody Gap.


Currently sitting in a gas station (our hostel is upstairs, classy I know) watching it snow outside.


Guess our little group made the right decision.


Been hiking with a small group of people from the start and a few of us decided to come in from the weather together. It's good to have a friendly face or two at the end of a long day. Especially since we're not doing big miles and there's a lot of free time throughout the day.


Otherwise, today was good. Short, cold, but good.