Day 05

Date: 05 Mar 2016 0458PM

Location: Low Gap Shelter

Today's Miles: 11.5

Total Miles: 43.2

Pulled another long-Ian day today to get to a shelter. Great weather though, no rain and sunshine all day. Actually have a sun burn on my neck from all he sunshine we've been having.

Knees are starting to hurt, mostly on the down hill but it's to be expected. They're both arthritic and taking a beating out here.

Shelter is packed tonight, probably around 20 people staying in the vicinity.

Dinner consisted of two packets of ramen noodles, and a tuna packet. I'm still amazed at how much we're asking of our bodies in comparison to the crappy food we're putting back in as fuel.

Another day of hiking complete. Three more days to Hiawassee.