Day 41

Date: 10 Apr 2016 0356PM

Location: Watauga Lake Shelter

Today's Miles: 10.8

Total Miles: 428.7


Short day out of Kincora today, wanted to take a lighter day to take it easy on my body.


Day has been beautiful though, really has warmed up nicely. Expecting relatively good weather over the next few days, hopefully get to Damascus before the rain hits.


Got to the shelter early, about three o'clock. Didn't have any internet over the last few days so I spent about an hour catching up on Twitter and the news. Talked with the wife as well, so good to hear her voice.


Tried to call some delivery places but we're out of range. Was really excited to get some real food delivered. Looks like it'll be another night of Ramen, Knorr sides, and tuna fish tonight.