Day 40

Date: 09 Apr 2016 0914PM

Location: Kincora Hostel

Today's Miles: 6.5

Total Miles: 417.9


Short day today, taking a nero at Bob People's Kincora hostel off of Dennis Cove Road.


Got really cold last night, and then the winds and freezing rain kicked up and blew all over us in the shelter while we slept. Woke up around one in the morning to a few people scrambling around trying to cover the shelter opening with their tent flys. Luckily I had put my waterproof bivy over my bag before going to sleep, but it was still a bit of a wet mess in the morning.


All my water was frozen this morning, as was the trail. Coming off the mountain was windy, frigid, and slippery, so hiking was slow. Definitely a good day to take some time off.


Showered, did some laundry, and went into town for a quick resupply. Bob took us all in the back of his pickup truck and we ate some Mexican food and resupplied at an Ingles. Grabbed some Chick-Fil-A to go for second dinner back at the hostel, which lasted until l I got back into the truck (ate it on the ride back to the hostel).


Fifty miles to Damascus, VA