Day 73

Date: 17 May 2016 0848PM

Location: Gravel Springs Hut

Today's Miles: 14.3

Total Miles: 955.7


I'm baaacck!


Arrived back to the trail around 1230 today, where the trail intersects with rote 211 just east of Luray, VA. Decided to push for a shelter around fourteen miles from my starting point, made it in well before dark.


Took back to the trail extremely well. A few minors complaints from my feet for the first mile or so, but everything settlers in nicely and it was like any other day on the trail.


The big change was getting to the shelter. It was extremely full, and on top of that there were so many people who I didn't know. I got spoiled before I left, with empty shelters and familiar faces, so I will definitely have to meet some new people once I get back into a rhythm.


Tarping next to a babbling brook tonight, the only flat spot of could find. Supposed to rain tonight, hope it isn't anything too severe.


Exiting the Shenandoahs tomorrow, with only four days to Harper's Ferry, the spiritual halfway point of the trail, home of the Appalachian Trail Conservency. Pretty stoked to hit that landmark.