Day 87

Date: 31 May 2016 0707PM

Location: Campsite, Swatara State Park

Today's Miles: 16.2

Total Miles: 1180.5


As I was packing up my stuff this morning, an older woman pulled into the parking lot I was sleeping near. She seemed to be sticking around, and unloading things from her car. As soon as I saw a cooler I grabbed my things and walked over to help her unload - trail magic!


Ate myself a bologna and cheese sandwich with mustard, some Oreos, and a can of Coke. The bread and bologna were both local brands found only in Pennsylvania, which took me right back to my childhood.


Sat and chatted with the old lady for far too long, but that's ok, there's no rush. Limited the miles I could get in today but there's plenty of time to continue hiking. 


Due to yesterday's rain, I walked all day with wet boots and socks. Not my favorite thing to do, but I survived. Feet looked and felt a little worse for the wear, but there isn't any rain forecasted for another day or two, so everything will dry out.


Short day tomorrow, family is picking me up for the night. Probably slack pack the day after, spend another night with them, then be back off on my own for awhile.