Day 116

Date: 29 Jun 2016 0927PM

Location: Spruce Peak Shelter

Today's Miles: 18.3

Total Miles: 1647.9


Beautiful day today. Rained pretty hard last night, but the fog burned off quick this morning and provided us with a smattering of sun through the dense trees.


Climbed Stratton Mountain and saw some incredible views of Vermont. Spent some time by Stratton Pond (not nearly enough time!) and continued on to the shelter. Would have totally stopped my day at the pond if it wasn't for the fact that I'm completely out of food and need to roll into town tomorrow.


Resupply day tomorrow. Groceries and hot food. Really looking forward to stuffing my face. The past few days I've been incredibly tired and lethargic and pray that an injection of a massive quantity of food helps out.