Day 90

Date: 03 Jun 2016 0845PM

Location: Campsite

Today's Miles: 17.5

Total Miles: 1234.4


Late start today, wanted to sleep in and get a little extra rest. Getting spoiled having family so close by, but it was nice while it lasted.


Made breakfast in a real life kitchen, swung by the grocery store, got dropped off at the post office in Port Clinton, PA. Probably the last time for family trail magic since I'm leaving the area they live in.


Big climb out of Port Clinton, and a good deal of rocks for the first few miles. Trail does a huge horseshoe because of a protected water shed area, so that's always fun.


Arrived at the Eckville shelter around 6:00PM, and sat and ate dinner with some people I know. Shelter was full and there were a lot of people there, so after eating and charging my phone I hiked another 2.5 miles to a campsite just up the trail.


They're calling for rain a lot the next few days.