Day 91

Date: 04 Jun 2016 0848PM

Location: George W. Outerbridge Shelter

Today's Miles: 21.8

Total Miles: 1256.2


Supposed to rain today, but it held off. Makes for much nicer hiking weather when you're not soaked to the bone.


Walked for the morning, got to a restaurant about half way through the day. Had myself some mozzarella sticks, a homemade hamburger and some sweet potato fries, with a few Arnold Palmers. Good meal.


Rest of the day included various rock obstacles, as you do in Pennsylvania. As much as I love PA, I'll be glad when we're out of here.


Caterpillars are super loud tonight, munching through the trees and pooping and falling on the ground. Pretty obnoxious, and on every surface in the shelter tonight.


Supposed to storm tomorrow, might take the day off. Not sure I want to hike all day through the superfund site in a thunderstorm. We shall see.