Day 92

Date: 05 Jun 2016 0926PM

Location: Leroy A. Smith Shelter

Today's Miles: 16.7

Total Miles: 1272.9


Left the shelter this morning just after it stopped raining. Walked down to the road and got a hitch into Palmerton, PA in under five minutes.


Did my town errands of hitting up the grocery store and eating breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. Started waking out of town to attempt a hitch back to the trail, but saw that a local church was about to start their Sunday service. Decided to go to church instead.


People were friendly and the teaching was great. I love when you've got something on your heart, and God speaks directly to you during a service. It's especially providential when you only have the opportunity to be in church every few weeks.


After the service, a nice older couple offered me a ride back to the trail, which I gratefully accepted.


Climb out of Palmerton up and over the superfund site was pretty rough in the mist and slick rocks, but I managed alright. Got about six miles from the shelter before the sky suddenly darkened and the heavens opened up. Got completely soaked, but after that happens you just kind of run with it and freely stomp through all the puddles. 


Sheltering alone tonight. Might be the first time on the trail I've had a shelter to myself.


Kinda lonely without all those crazy hikers around!