Day 126

Date: 09 Jul 2016 0827PM

Location: Ore Hill Campsite

Today's Miles: 12.4

Total Miles: 1782.7


Last night was a disaster. Between the intensity of the fog and the random drops of rain that were able to hit me, I slowly got soaked over the course of a few hours. Didn't get a lick of sleep for the first few hours of the night, hoping and praying that the rain would stop.

Around 0200, when the rain really picked up, I hopelessly got out of my soaking wet sleeping gear, and wandered into the cabin hoping I could squeeze in somewhere on the floor.

I managed to find a tiny little spot and curled up in my wet sleeping bag to try and get a little sleep. I managed to get a few hours and decided to sleep in until around 0700 to try and recover. At this point most of the hikers had left, so I gathered up all my gear and hung it out to dry in the cabin, eating last night's dinner for breakfast since I was too tired to eat last night.

Day went well enough, although I've been pretty downtrodden. Hiked up a big ole mountain in the fog and rain for the majority of the morning, then did my best not to slip and break anything on the way down the other side.

Saw a sign on trail for a family who allows hikers to spend the night at their home. Walked the 0.25 off trail down a road only to find them not home.

Ended up at an old shelter site for the night. Shelter burned down a few years ago but the privy and water source are still present.

Starting to get really lethargic again, can't help but think it's the food/terrain combo once more. Going to have to readjust my expectations for the next week or two until we're out of the Whites, mostly so I don't hurt myself by trying to do too many miles.