Day 127

Date: 10 Jul 2016 0655PM

Location: Hiker's Welcome Hostel - Glencliff, NH

Today's Miles: 7.2

Total Miles: 1790.0


Great sleep last night. Rained a lot, didn't get wet. Decided to try and stake the side of my tarp down, seemed to help a lot with water splashing in on the sides.

Rained intermittently throughout the morning. Got to the hostel around noon, took the rest of the day off. Shuttled to a local convenience store for a pizza, ice cream, and resupply for the next few days.

Got back and watched a few movies. Nothing too exciting, but being able to just veg out and relax the muscles has been nice.

Not sure how the days will go over the next week or two. Currently planning on averaging approximately fifteen miles per day, but it's anyone's guess how it'll actually work out. Looking forward to spending time with some friends of the family real soon!