Day 117

Date: 30 Jun 2016 1112PM

Location: Bromley Mountain Chalet

Today's Miles: 5.8

Total Miles: 1653.7


What a day.


Walked three miles to the road crossing that leads into Manchester Center, VT and hitched my way into town. First hitch got me halfway, second hitch the rest of the way. Apparently I received a hitch from the infamous 'mammary lady', and she even performed to a song entitled 'mammaries that I desire', or something similar.


Got in to town and ate breakfast at McDonalds. Walked to the outfitter and purchased some Body Glide, then resupplied at the local grocer. Participated in the two bag challenge at McDonald's, ate some french fries, hitched back to the trail.


Did a bit of laundry in a stream, then hiked on up top of Bromley Mountain. Right near the top the trail opened up and turned into a ski slope, providing great views all around.


Got to the top and landed square in a vortex. Before long others got sucked in as well, and this we decided to stay for the night.


We sat atop the mountain, utilized in the winter as a skiing resort, exploring the grounds and watching the sun slowly set. Afterwords, we all sat around in the ski patrol hut, our chalet for the night, talking and listening by headlamp to our dear friend River serenade us with his guitar.


Top three nights in the trail. Would have totally missed it if my agenda was focused totally on 'finishing' as fast as possible.