Day 139

Date: 22 Jul 2016 1021PM

Location: Bemis Mountain Lean-to

Today's Miles: 18.8

Total Miles: 1951.0


Rough go today.


Cowboy camped last night, directly next to some beautiful, pooling waterfalls. Around 0600 this morning it started pouring buckets of rain on us, with us packing up in *record* time.


Walked the short distance to the road, managed to get a pretty quick hitch into town from a local hostel van that was returning. Good thing too, because there definitely wasn't any real traffic to speak of that early in the morning.


Got into town, did a quick resupply and sat down to a big ole breakfast. French toast, loaded omelette, bagel sandwich and a cup of coffee. Went down real good.


Grabbed a few extra supplies then hitched back out of town. Hiked ridiculously fast considering the terrain, ended up night hiking the last few miles to the shelter. Luckily there were just enough empty spots for us, and we knew everyone in the shelter so they were very accommodating.


Not sure where the rest of the group ended up tonight, haven't seen them all day. Really happy we got here before the projected rain.