Day 141

Date: 24 Jul 2016 0915PM

Location: Perham Stream Stealth Site

Today's Miles: 15.4

Total Miles: 1984.1


Slept excellently last night. Johnny Rocket and I were placed in the overflow room in the basement, which was cool and dark with comfortable beds. Even when the sun rose this morning we were swathed in darkness and slept right up to breakfast time.


Local trail angle made an awesome breakfast spread for us. French toast, bacon, Polish sausages, English muffins, and eggs. It's always great to start a long day of hiking with a overly full stomach.


A couple who were staying at the hostel offered to drive a few of us to the trail head, which was super nice. After arriving at the parking lot, half the group wandered out of the woods from their stealth site so I went on in and chatted while they packed up.


Spent the morning climbing up Saddleback Mountain. Pretty tough climb but totally worth the views. Ate lunch at the top and drank a soda I packed out.


Spent the rest of the day playing catch up with who's left of the group. Ended up short for the day, but found a spot to cowboy camp for the night.