Day 142

Date: 25 Jul 2016 0946PM

Location: Stratton Brook Road

Today's Miles: 17.7

Total Miles: 2001.8


Woke up from our stealth site this morning covered in dew. Wouldn't have been a problem for me if my waterproof bivy wasn't the worst thing ever. I swear, it literally acts as a transport medium to bring water to my sleeping bag. Will do a review post-hike.


Good day otherwise with a few tough climbs thrown in. After tomorrow the majority of Maine's big climbs are finished, and we'll really be able to enjoy ourselves without getting slain by our ambitions to continue doing big miles.


Reached 2,000 miles today! What a great milestone to reach. The southbounders are pretty depressed about what they have left to do but as for us northbounders, we're totally stoked.


Hitched in to Stratton, ME for a light resupply and some dinner. Managed to get a hitch back out just before dark from Rain and Sprinkles, and found a stealth spot by headlamp.


It's a hot one tonight, but rain is forecasted. Sure hope to cools off.