Paperwhite with Special Offers

I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (affiliate link) a few days ago during a National Reading Day sale Amazon was having. Took the total cost of the Paperwhite with Special Offers to $95.23.

I've been holding onto my older Nook Simple Touch from Barnes and Noble for some time now, if only for the fact that I really like hardware buttons and the simplicity of the Nook to be rooted and hacked a bit. I primarily did the latter to use Dropxasync to sideload ebooks onto the Nook wirelessly and to use Cool Reader or Moon+ as an alternate ereader program (ePubs, easy exporting of highlights). I also liked the idea of enabling a faster refresh mode, but I frequently had problems with ghosting or artifacting which always made me very sad.

The Nook was wonderful, but it was starting to show its age. With second generation Pearl displays coming out, and the idea of glowing e-ink nighttime reading beckoning, I couldn't help but splurge for the newest Paperwhite.

Let it be known that I'm a pretty frugal bastard. I've held out this long and researched pretty hard for a sub-$150 purchase (WiFi variants only for me) as much to save a few bucks as for the quality of the potential device. I'm also the type that likes to hack and crack my devices, if it's appropriate, and for an ereader I want to make damn sure I can sideload my relatively large collection of un-DRM'd ePubs I've purchased over the past few years.

As soon as Amazon discounted the device below $100 I jumped on the opportunity, but again this device is plagued with "Special Offers". The previous Kindle I owned had "Special Offers", and while annoying, it was pointless to me, because the screen was not a touch screen, so even though I was forced to see the offers, I couldn't readily click and browse them, nor even get close to purchasing the damn offer. Not that I'm worried about actually buying something "special", but still, I don't want to be bothered.

So, after reading a few posts online about how easy it was to remove these offers by speaking with an Amazon customer service representative, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Here's the chat log:

You are now connected to REPRESENTATIVE from
Me: Hello! I Recently purchased a Kindle Paperwhite with special offers, but I'm a military service member who's deploying overseas and won't be able to access the US Amazon store.
Hello REPRESENTATIVE, how are you today?
REPRESENTATIVE: Hello, My name is REPRESENTATIVE from Amazon Kindle support. You’ve reached the right place and I will be happy to assist you today.
I'm fine, thank you. How are you Andrew?
Me: Doing great, thanks :)
REPRESENTATIVE: You're welcome.
In order to access your account, I need to verify some information. Can you please confirm the complete name, e-mail address, and billing address on your account?
Me: Sure thing
Me: Welcome!
REPRESENTATIVE: Just to be sure, are you referring to " Andrew's Kindle "?
Me: I do believe so
I actually JUST set it up a minute or two ago
REPRESENTATIVE: Thank you for that information.
Please give me a minute.
Me: Of course, take your time.
Just got your message on my device
Thanks REPRESENTATIVE, I appreciate it :)
REPRESENTATIVE: Yes, The device has successfully unsubscribed from Special Offers.
I'll send you a confirmation email right away to your email address.
It's my pleasure helping you.
Me: Thanks again, have a wonderful day!
REPRESENTATIVE: Thank you, you too have a great day!

That was it.

This was one of the PRIMARY reasons I was looking into jailbreaking the Paperwhite. If I'm able to satisfactorily convert my ePubs into the Kindle format and read them with ease, there may be no reason at all to jailbreak... but knowing me I'll probably delve in anyway just for the fun of it.