No, How Are YOU Feeling?

I wouldn't call myself a liar, per se. But when it comes to my own personal difficulties, my illness let's call it, I'm a minimalist in what I communicate to others.

It took me over eight years to seek treatment, and that was only because symptoms began severely interfering with my ability to perform at work. If I was still able to cope, and mange, I might still be an active duty Marine today.

But that's not what this post is about. The what if's and could-haves. This post is about something entirely different:

I'm returning to the Appalachian Trail, and MAN am I excited about it.

It's been about a month since I left the trail, and since then I have been internally conducting my own post moratorium on what exactly went wrong. I know what I told my wife, and I know what I told my counselors, I even know what I told myself.

Suffice to say, I've learned a lot about not only my first attempt at the trail, but what my current capabilities and limitations are as an individual. The trail makes the most sense for me in my life right now - if only because I'm not ready, or able, to take on anything else at this point.

That being said. Sometime in June I will be packing up and shipping off down to the NY/CT border, to head off for Round II of this Appalachian Trail Adventure on what those in-the-know call a "Flip Flop" run of the AT (check out this page from the ATC for more information on various ways to hike the AT). The plan is to hike north to Baxter State Park, reassess how things feel, and if continuation is on the plate, get dropped off back at the NY/CT border and begin hiking south once more.

I'll be updating mytrail journal exactly where I left off, upon my departure.

Finally, thank you everyone for your continued support in both this endeavor, and my life. I may not be the most emotive and appreciative person on the outside, but what you do matters.