The Walk of Britain

I have recently been selected for a charity excursion that I am extremely excited about, the Walking with the Wounded's Walk of Britain. Myself and five other wounded warriors will hike over 1,000 miles through England, Scotland, and Wales, in order to raise awareness both of the charities who are sponsoring us, and of the aftereffects of the war (and how we continue to live our lives, post-conflict).

Unlike previous treks, which went to extreme and far off places (North and South Poles, and Mt. Everest), this expedition is targeted specifically at the People of the United Kingdom and will be conducted solely in the UK.

There will be no 'ramp up' or time to get our trail legs on the expedition and we will be starting out at 20 miles/day, and keep that pace for the entirety of our three months on the road... off I go to get some legs under me before I depart in August for the Walk.