Ready for Departure

Only a few more days to go until I leave my home, and my family, for the Walk of Britain.

I've decided to blog vigorously while on the walk, both for the sake of my friends and family at home, and for future posterity's sake - read: I'm typically pretty terrible at documenting anything worthwhile in my life.

At the top of the site I've added a section appropriately titled: Walk of Britain. There's a link to the Walk's main website (which has an incredible deal of information about the Walk), as well as a WoB Journal section for my own, personal writings.

I plan on updating those at home with maps, pictures, and my musings along the way - although it may be a few days between posts depending on internet connectivity.

I'm absolutely stoked, and honored to be a part of the Walk, and really can't express how much I'm looking forward to it. I hope to get as much healing from being apart of the Walk, as we're able to provide for others through the awareness and exposure we garner, and the raised funds as well.