Day 22

Day: 22

Date: 22 Jan 2018 11:24PM EST

Location: Trail Angel's Home In Oviedo, FL

Today's Miles: 23.8

Total Miles: 389.9


Nice long day of walking today.


Woke up around 0630, put a few sundries in my pack to slack with, and went out into the house of the trail angel I'm being hosted by. We were going to do a light breakfast at the house but decided last minute to head over to the Town House restaurant instead, which was absolutely fine by me.


Had a double breakfast of french toast, grits, some gyro meat, some eggs, and toast. Topped it all off with a few cups of coffee and off I went.


Entire day was on bike paths and pavement through the suburbs of Orlando. Definitely wasn't a traditional 'trail' day, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.


Was able to graze throughout the day on restaurant food, something not usually available on a thru. Had a nice frozen beverage from Dunkin' Donuts mid morning, a Subway sandwich around noon, and a cheeky McDonald's for a late lunch.


Continued on walking into the late afternoon and made it to the end of the long town section. Trail angel worked until later in the evening so I had a seat at my destination and tried to relax for a bit.


Shortly after she picked me up we stopped at a grocery store so I could reaupply. Afterwords we sat at her house talking late into the evening.


Another night in a bed, definitely getting spoiled. Tomorrow she'll return me to the trail and we'll part ways until next weekend when the hikers gather for meet Florida Trail style meetup, Billy Goat Days!