Day 53

Day: 53

Date: 22 Feb 2018 10:12PM CST

Location: Camping near mile 1041

Today's Miles: 21.8

Total Miles: 1041

Slept pretty well last night, another exhausting day. Woke and packed, sat and chatted with the trail angel for a bit before heading out.

Long day of road walking today. Entire day on roads through the town of Crestview and Holt.

Grazed throughout the day on Whataburger, Starbucks, and had lunch with the trail angel at the Waffle House before leaving the city limits.

Traffic was pretty bad all day. Got increasingly stressed it frustrated with car after car and so much road noise.

Stopped for some fried chicken at a little restaurant in Holt, resupplied at the Dollar General, and walked off down a country road into the darkness.

Loads of dogs out tonight, was chased by a few and had to use a combination of my voice, emergency whistle, and trekking poles to fend them off. Almost got ran over by a pickup truck as well, which added to the stress of the day.

Camping out at a remote but road accessible campsite and boat dock on the Yellow River. A local police officer and fire fighter are out for the evening to camp and then to hike tomorrow. Both were in the Army so we sat and talked over a fire for a bit before I called it quits and headed off into my tent... but not before eating half of the large pizza I packed out from town 🍕❤️