Day 03

Day: 03

Date: 17 Jun 2017 0614PM

Location: AT Mile 1635.0

Today's Miles: 14.3

Total Miles: 42.5

Woke up to wet clothes and shoes today, my least favorite thing on the trail, but was still able to leave the shelter at a reasonable time this morning even though none of us were feeling it.

Luckily, it didn't rain on us at all today, even though the forecast said otherwise. Still hiked in wet boots all day, but at least they dried out slowly throughout the day.

Feet are not happy about the wetness, started to cause a few hot spots and a blister or two. This usually happens when my footwear is wet and my feet aren't toughened up yet so there's not much to be done other than taping up, and continuing on.

Finished with another respectable mileage day, for me at least. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to walk far enough each day to make it worth my while, especially after remembering doing much bigger mileage days last time I was through here, but things are well and that isn't the case.

My workout regimen before deciding to hike the Long Trail was almost purely weightlifting, not something that I thought translated directly to hiking. There are significant differences though that I'm recalling when I started my thru that I'm happy to report are not happening. My arms are definitely not sore from gripping and moving trekking poles around all day long, and my leg and back muscles are doing pretty well with all the walking and carrying a pack. It probably helps that I'm twenty pounds lighter then I was at my lightest while thru hiking - which is effectively like carrying two packs instead of one.

Looking to head in to Manchester Center, VT tomorrow after another long day. Going to resupply and spend the night at a hostel before coming back to the trail.

Only sixty more miles before I leave the AT and head out into new territory. Looking forward to it, but it has been good to be around hikers again regardless.