Pacific Crest Trail (2017/2018)


Costs by percentage

Gear (both prior to, and on trail): $1,728 (≈ 22%)

Groceries: $2,376 (≈ 31%)

Eating Out: $1,662 (≈ 22%)

Lodging: $487 (≈ 6%)

Travel (to/from trail): $1074 (≈ 14%)

Misc. Expenses (Shuttles/Postage/Permits/Alcohol): $353 (≈ 5%)

Total Spent: $7,680

Cost per Mile: $2.99


Hiking Mileage

Zero Days Taken: 3

Average Miles per Day: 20.4

Highest Mileage Day: 32.9

Days Over 20 Miles: 77

Days Over 30 Miles: 8

Total Days on Trail: 128

Day 36

Day: 36

Date: 15 May 2018 09:14PM PDT

Location: Camping near mile 698

Today's Miles: 25.2

Total Miles: 698

Solid day of hiking today.

Slept in until almost 0800. Arrived late into camp last night and crashed hard. Haven't slept that soundly in quite some time.

Out by 0900, walked straight through until after 1200. Stopped for water, had a lunch stop as well, not something I usually do. Rehydrated some rice, and did a bit of trail math to determine timeframes and distances for approximate dates of finishing up on trail.

Such a beautiful day today. The elevation is getting more dramatic, but then so is the scenery. Will be arriving at Kennedy Meadows South tomorrow, mile seven hundred, and the unofficial gateway to the Sierra.

Camped just outside of KMS this evening. Short walk in tomorrow morning, where I'll grab my bear canister, micro spikes, a hot meal, and be on my way into higher elevation, snow, and colder temperatures.