The Reasons

Date: 10 Jul 2017 0644PM

Location: Boston Logan Airport, MA


Traveled from Bangor to Boston this afternoon. It was incredibly hard to leave home.


For those who don't know, I live daily with the after effects of my time spent overseas. A range of symptoms, a veritable Venn diagram encompassing post traumatic stress, depression, and a traumatic brain injury.


I tell people not for sympathy, but to inform. All injuries are not visible, and each injury impacts each person differently - too many of my brothers and sisters in arms have succumbed to their physical, mental, and moral injuries.


I leave home at a very inconvenient and unfortunate time for my family. Not because I am weak, but because I'm am no longer able to continue on living in my current mental and emotional state.


I'm going to say that again: I no longer want to live - haven't for quite some time.


So instead of taking my own life, I walk.


Yes, *literally*.


In 2015 I attempted to walk the Appalachian Trail. It was too much for me a the time, just getting out of the military, not fully understanding how my mind, personality, and soul had been altered.


Later in 2015 I was selected to represent the United States and walk 1,000 miles throughout the United Kingdom with another American and four British injured combat vets.


Last year, I managed to thru hike all 2,189 miles of the Appalachian Trail.


Earlier this summer I hiked the 270 mile Long Trail in Vermont.


Now, I head west to the 2,650 mile long Pacific Crest Trail in search of continued healing and peace.


Join me on my journey.