Day 13

Day: 13

Date: 24 Jul 2017 1117PM

Location: Dinsmore Hiker Haven

Today's Miles: 0!

Total Miles: 188.5

First zero day today, well received. Haven't slept so good in a long time, guess a couple of miles and a belly full of town food will do that to you.

Woke up early, emptied my pack, and hitched all the way to the town of Leavenworth. It's about forty miles from the hostel, and thirty from the trail. The hitches aren't too bad once you get one since a lot of these roads at the passes really only go to one place in either direction, it's just convincing someone to actually stop since so few people know about the trail.

Got into town after about an hour of driving and stopped by the grocery store. Hung out there for a couple of hours after resupplying  mooching off their free WiFi and eating from the Asian cuisine themed hot food bar.

Walked through town hitting up the post office, ranger station, and gear shop. Mailed home my micro spikes, rangers had no news to report regarding the trail south, and the "outfitter" was more of a tourist trap than a legitimate outdoor store.

Managed a quick hitch out with a couple who were heading all the way to the coast on the road I was on. Another hour long drive and I was back at the hostel.

Had the run of the place since everyone was still out, so I ate my leftover Chinese food and watched Meet Joe Black (excellent movie if you haven't seen it).

Chatted with everyone as they returned, and greeted the new hikers. Buddies who were here this morning had already left, I'll catch up with them again soon.

Out tomorrow back to the trail. Have to find a printer to make a gear return, shirt is falling apart way to quick so they sent me a prepaid shipping label. Found a sweet replacement shirt in the hiker box, we'll see how it goes (also found a goofy looking sun hat, might just end up keeping that and sending home the umbrella I found).

Bought a piece of steak, some eggs, and some shredded cheese to make with some extra tortillas for breakfast tomorrow. Looking forward to it before hitting the trail tomorrow.

Late night. Now, to sleep!

Morning hitch! 

Morning hitch!