Day 17

Day: 17

Date: 28 Jul 2017 1007PM

Location: Camping near mile 2374.5

Today's Miles: 20.5

Total Miles: 275.6

Woke up relatively early, camped with Frosty about 4.5 miles from the road. Ended up using one of his trekking poles to set up my tent with since they're integral to my tent's setup and mine broke.

He woke us up early because his girlfriend is out for two weeks to join him on the trail and he was itching to get into town.

Rolled into the small ski resort area where we picked up his resupply package and met up with his girl. We parted ways as I went over to the pancake house and devoured three entrees and a couple cups of coffee.

Spent a few hours doing town activities: catching up with the wife, updating the trail journal online, purchasing replacement trekking poles (online, being shipped), downloading new music and podcasts, and resupplying food.

Left around 1300 after bumping into a few other hikers who I met earlier in the hike. One of the food vendors gives out free beers to thru hikers, so I graciously accepted the beer and chatted for a little bit.

Fueled on town food I always hike stronger for a day or two. Guess hiking 2,700 miles on pop tarts and ramen isn't necessarily the best idea. Regardless, there were a bunch of random people out because it was Friday - took getting a few miles away from civilization before that died down.

Hiked straight through until dark, set up my tent at dusk with my headlamp. Had to jigger something together since my tent uses both my trekking poles to hold it up, but I made it work.

100 miles to the next resupply, 80 miles to go.