Day 30

Day: 30

Date: 10 Aug 2017 0933PM

Location: Camping near mile 2055.7

Today's Miles: 28.3

Total Miles: 594.4

What a rough night of sleep.

It was dark when I rolled up to the site, thought it was OK. It was within spitting distance of a large road and trailhead parking area. Between the people driving into the parking lot drinking and playing loud music, the large trucks and tractor trailers barreling down the road, to someone actually stomping around my tent with a flashlight in the middle of the night - yea, I didn't sleep much at all.

Up with the sun, used a close by picnic table  to stack and organize my stuff on. I'm pretty particular about trying to take care of my gear, so keeping things off the ground is a plus when I can.

Whether it was the lack of sleep the past few days, or just my mind and body telling me it's time to rest, I just wasn't feeling up to it today. After about twelve miles, many of which alongside a large, beautiful lake, I decided to take an extended lunch stop at one of the last campsites before the trail parted ways from the lake.

Dropped all my gear, kicked off my shoes, and walked straight into the water. It was relatively warm, the sun was shining bright, and I paddled around for quite some time.

Washed my hiking clothes and a pair of socks, even scrubbed my body down, without soap of course.

Made a hot lunch from my hiker box resupply stash. Snacks are usually hard to come by but dinner meals typically abound, so making some noodles and rice with tuna supplemented today's intake. That, and usually when I'm walking I graze on snacks throughout the day, so getting something relatively substantial in my body made sense.

Feeling reenergized, but not quite there mentally yet, about a mile down the road a woman has been set up since the end of June doing trail magic at a horse camp a small distance from the trail. She had sandwhich making materials, cold sodas, and deserts for all the hikers who came through to see her.

It was just what I needed.

Sat and talked with the largest group of southbound hikers I've seen so far. There was a north bounder as well, but he was pretty chill and friendly.

My thoughts on why the north bounders are so unfriendly and disgruntled is beginning to coalesce, but it's too soon to share in full. Suffice to say the majority of them are worn out and tired of being out here, but like a small child who fights sleep they can't help but keep on going.

Even though I stopped for two hours today I managed to make respectable (to me) miles. I feel a bit betrayed by the old saying "red at night, sailors/shepherds delight" though, because I've currently setup camp in a saddle between two peaks and it's been thundering and lightening all around me for an hour.

The threat of rain is real - too bad I don't have access to a weather report.

Here's to the unknown.