Day 32

Day: 32

Date: 12 Aug 2017 1036PM

Location: Terrebonne, OR

Today's Miles: 0!

Total Miles: 607.1

Woke up and caught a ride this morning with a kind gentleman who was staying at the lake for a couple of weeks. There are no reservations at the campsites so it's a first come, first serve sort of system. He's here early to make sure he has a great spot for the eclipse.

He drove me and another hiker to Detroit, OR. I stayed and waited for a friend while the other hiker continued on to the other side of the fire closure.

While I waited for my ride I had myself a delicious breakfast of multiple cups of coffee, some chicken friend steak, two eggs over easy, sourdough toast, and a side of biscuits and gravy.

After I finished the kind trail angle who dropped me off returned and we sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee while he waited for his lunch. Shortly thereafter my longtime buddy from elementary school showed up and we drove back towards where he lives.

We had some delicious Mexican food for lunch, stopped by an urgent care center for me (for a rash which turned out to be a nasty staphylococcus infection turned cellulitis), resupplied, and picked up my prescription antibiotics and steroid cream for the many rashes springing up over my body.

After all that we swung by his local business. We shared a drink or two as I polished off a pint of Ben and Jerry's from the store.

Before heading back he gave me a brief tour of Smith Rocks, a stunning group of rock formations in Terrebonne.

Returned home and cleaned up. Shower, laundry, polished off the burrito I purchased earlier. Watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before slipping off to the back yard to sleep in the "guest bedroom", which is a semi- permanent tent on a platform - complete with a queen bed, linens, and bedside tables.

Going to run a few more errands quickly tomorrow and get on my way back to the trail. Purchased a flight home in a couple of weeks for a little mid-hike break, looking forward to both heading home, and a bit of in incentive to make some miles.