Day 22

Day: 22

Date: 02 Aug 2017 1002PM

Location: Camping near mile 2241.9

Today's Miles: 31.9

Total Miles: 408.3

Fell asleep quick last night, but I woke up a lot throughout the night. Little grove of trees and bushes did a good job protecting me from any wind, even though I was pretty exposed on an open ridge.

Out of camp by 0800, later than I'd like but it worked out. Yesterday's views were amazing, but today enough smoke from local wildfires has finally blown into this area. Could barely see very far, with many peaks and mountain tops obscured from view. Mt. Adams was barely visible today, and we're basically right next to it.

Another big mileage day. Thirty two miles is definitely the farthest I've walked in quite some time.

Town and resupply tomorrow - might spend the night at a campground in town. Not exactly sure, will see what happens when I get there.