Day 54

Day: 54

Date: 10 Sep 2017 0849PM

Location: Camping near mile 1475.6

Today's Miles: 23.1

Total Miles: 1174.5


Flew into Redding, CA late last night. Luckily managed to find a trail angel on Facebook who was willing to pick me up from the airport, put me up for the night in his home, drive me to a grocery this morning and finally, shuttle me the forty five miles back to the trail.  Even got to eat a free continental breakfast this morning as well, guy’s wife works at a local hotel.


Made it back to the the trail around 1000. Finished off the rice pudding that I purchased at the store, hitched up my new pack, and off I went.


About a mile in I found some trail magic left aside the trail. Fresh water and some sodas in a cooler. Topped off my water, stuck a soda in my pack, kept on going.


About seven miles of elevation gain, but it was wooded and pretty gradual. Not much to look at, but there were are few views of both the south side of Castle Crags and Mt. Shasta throughout the climb.


Uneventful day otherwise. Sun went down way too quickly for my liking (around 1945), but I was pretty exhausted so it was welcome. Seven days off was great for returning rested, but the first day back proved to be quite the exhausting day. It’ll get easier, just have to get back into the groove of things.


Didn’t see a single soul all day after getting on the trail. Most everyone headed north is past this point by now. I’m sure I’ll run into a few more people now and again but they’ll probably be few and far between.