Day 56

Day: 56

Date: 12 Sep 2017 0936PM

Location: Camping near mile 1422.2

Today's Miles: 26.6

Total Miles: 1227.9

Rained on and off last night. Combined with the heat lightening it was a rough night of sleep.

Slow start this morning, but still out by 0730. Looked out over the sunrise on the horizon and saw what appeared to be smoke over the next ridge line. Paid it no mind, it definitely wasn’t there last night.

Pretty dull day. I’ve come to the conclusion that for every mile of beautiful trail, there’s at least ten miles of slogging. Today was full of slogging.

Second day in a row I haven’t seen a another soul. It’s refreshing to be alone so much.

Climbed over a ridge to see the fire from earlier had grown in size. Checked my fire mapping tools the next time I had service and confirmed it was close to the trail. Managed to walk past it, but not without having ash fall from the sky and the smell of fire retardant permeate throughout the evening.

Resupply and hot food early tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Yummy fresh water

Yummy fresh water